Usage Related


Q1. Are these coloured utensils approved of food grade standards?

Ans. Yes. These products (whether coloured or plain) are manufactured by strictly following the international health and food standards – Cadmium/ Lead/ UV Radiation Free, to name a few.


Q2. Are these products Dish-Washer safe?

Ans. Yes, up to 50 cycles, of one and a half hour each.


Q3. Can scrubber be used on coloured utensils for cleaning?

Ans. No. The scrubber would peel off the colour coating. It is recommended to use plain cloth instead of a scrubber to clean the coloured utensils.


Information Seeking


Q1. How can I enquire about the products?

Ans. Use E-Notepad, a facility wherein you can put queries pertaining to any product of your choice. Or you can also send in a general enquiry from our Contact Us page.


Q2. How can I use E-Notepad?

Ans. This feature is accessible when you view the product page.


Q3. Do I need to have an account to make an enquiry?

Ans. For general information you need not to have an account with us. Go to Contact Us  page and register your query. But for product information you are required to be a registered user.


Q4. How can I become a registered user?

Ans. To become one of our registered users, Click on Join Now (top right hand side corner).